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Gyrodactylus Salaris

The River Don Trust
Old Estate Office, Cluny Castle
Aberdeenshire, AB51 7RT

Tel: 01330 830080

The River Don Trust Team (JU)

The River Don Trust Committee

Iain Morrison (Chairman)



Robert Dey


Rick Fyffe

Dr Sam Martin

Duncan Mackay

Dave Gordon (River Manager)

Jamie Urquhart (Biologist)


Iain Morrison (Chair)


Iain has a degree in Zoology, is a retired chartered surveyor, Is also a Director of the Dee Trust, the Dee Salmon Improvement Association and has served on a number of other Committees He is a lifelong angler and shooting enthusiast. He can be contacted on [email protected]


Robert Dey


Robert is the Chairman of the ADAA and a keen angler. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Richard Fyffe


Rick has worked in agriculture and rural business all his life and owns a stretch of the Don at Fetternear. He can be contacted at [email protected]


Dr Sam Martin



Sam is a lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen.  He has been studying different aspects of salmon & trout biology for over 20 years.  He is also a keen angler and secretary of Inverurie angling association.  Dr Sam Martin can be contacted at [email protected] (http://www.abdn.ac.uk/biologicalsci/staff/details/sam.martin)


Duncan McKay


Duncan Mckay is our newest director, he has been recruited to look after trust fndraising and publcity. He can be contacted at [email protected]





Dave Gordon ( River Don Trust, River Manager)



Dave is an enthusiastic angler, diver and enjoys shooting,He is a Director of the River Dee Trust and can be contacted at
[email protected]


                                                                            Jamie Urquhart (River Don Trust Biologist)

Jamie Urquhart is the Trust biologist and has been working with the Trust since June 2009. Prior to his role as Trust biologist Jamie worked at the University of Aberdeen on Water vole consrevation and American mink research for three years after studying at the University since 2000. Contact Jamie at  [email protected]





21 March 2010

Dave Gordon, RDT Chairman is standing down as a Director, easing back his workload a little and perhaps take a more hands on role within the Trust.

Dave was the Trusts first Chairman and wrote the trusts constitution, and in that he stipulated that the Chair must step down every year, though may be re elected. Dave has decided that having had an excellent year of achievements for the trust, and having met all the trusts FMP milestones, that it was time to ease back a little, and perhaps even get a day or two clear to go fishing!

Dave said “I have really enjoyed the first year of the River Don Trust.. I have had a very intense year as Chair, very ably supported by my fellow Directors but  I have decided to ease back my workload. I recognise that as a Director I would never be able to slow down properly or to let go the reigns, so I have decided to resign as a director of the Trust as well. The Directors very kindly asked me to continue to assist the trust so I can ease back my workload and at the same time continue to enjoy the areas of trust work I get most satisfaction from.”

Dave will now be the River Don Trust's unpaid  River Manager responsible for line managing the Trust Biologist and driving the Fishery Management Plan forward

Trust stalwart, Iain Morrison, who has the drive and vision to take over the demanding role of RDT chair, was voted in by unanimous vote of his fellow directors.   Iain is a driving force within the trust, and is looking forward to the challenge, and to continuing the teamwork of working with Dave in delivering the trusts objectives.

Iain noted “ we have a great team within the RDT, and have made excellent progress. Dave and I will continue to work together, and I am sure we will be able to continue to make good progress against the FMP and to further develop the Trust”

The trust also has a new director. Duncan McKay is joining the Trust team, taking years of management experience with him. Like all directors he was chosen to assist as he has huge enthusiasm for the River Don, and has agreed to become the Trusts Publicity and fundraising director.

Duncan described how he felt about the Trust. “I  was surprised to hear that Dave was standing down but I am looking forward to working with the strong  trust team to promote the River Don's interests and hope we can build on the solid  foundations put in  place to date" 

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