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The River Don Trust
Old Estate Office, Cluny Castle
Aberdeenshire, AB51 7RT

Tel: 01330 830080

River Don Projects


Both the Board and the Trust have different roles to play in the management of the river. The Board is restricted to working with migratory fish whilst the Trust has a more open remit covering the wider biodiversity of the catchment. The Trusts charitable status enables them to raise funds through means which the Boards constitution will not allow and the Board raises funds though levies on its river proprietors. The Board is empowered by the various Salmon Acts and the bailiffs have powers of search and arrest. The Board and its staff have a vast amount of practical experience relating to the catchment whilst the Trust provides the scientific methodology, reasoning and interpretation of the work undertaken by both organisations.

Together they form a perfect partnership able to cover all aspects of fishery management within the catchment  

Board Duties/Projects

Brood stock collection, Hatchery monitoring and planting out of eyed ova.

Habitat Improvements

Glenbuchat Habitat Restoration

Genetic sampling

Current Trust Projects as at December 2010

Fund Raising--initial funding now in place, further initiatives being developed and bids for funding made. Successful applications made for grants for salmon in the classroom, engineering evaluations and genetic sampling

Obstruction removal- third round of obstacle assessments under application, Application to SEPA Restoration Fund successful, Easing of Goval Weir obstruction to commence 2011

Genetic Sampling- 2010 programme now complete, results due early 2011

Salmon in the classroom- 2010/11 programme about to start, five Aberdeenshire schools participating again.

2010 Habitat surveys- Completed

2010 Electro Fishing surveys- Completed

2010 scale sampling programme-  150 scale packet returned from anglers, 2001 programme to begin Feb 2011, watch out for workshop dates on home page

Invasive species- Biosecurity Plan due for completion Jan 2011, projects will follow in due course.

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