River Don Brown Trout Improvement Association

The River Don Brown Trout Improvement Association was created to supervise and implement the measures laid down under the Brown Trout Protection Order granted to the River Don in the early '90s.  

The RDBTIAs function is to monitor the Protection Order and report on what measures are being taken to improve the access to reasonably priced Brown Trout fishing, habitat management and the policing of tickets on the water (a requirement of the PO) although this function is principally met by the bailiff team of the River Don District Salmon Fishery Board it is within the remit of the RDBTIA to have Wardens on the river.

Historically part of the programme of improvements has been the stocking out of native River Don juvenile brown trout along with advice from a variety of advisory groups.

The RDBTIA is changing in light of developments on the River Don and is a strong part of the development team for the new River Don Trust. The Trust, the RDDSFB and the RDBTIA have very common goals with regard to the husbandry of the river habitat. In light of the changes that are coming in fisheries management working co-operatively rather than disparately has already proven very worthwhile for all parties.

However, the RDBTIA does have particular areas of interest which require a separate approach. Most notably this includes encouraging fair pricing of trout fishing throughout the river system and increasing reasonable access. Developing strong links with proprietors of trout fishing and improving access to some parts of the river is a clear goal for the RDBTIA during 2011.

To contact the RDBTIA please email the secretary Ben Dixon at [email protected]


5th May 52_5cm 3lb 6oz (1)

Paul Procter with 3lb+ Don Brown Trout


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