River Don Conservation Code 2009
General Regulations
  • All coloured fish to be returned, carefully to the water.
  • All foul hooked fish to be returned.
  • All floy tagged fish to be returned and details of information on the tag sent to the Board. ( 01224 698675 or  07836 645510 )
  • No rod caught fish to be sold
  • Recommended that after 31st. July all hen fish whether coloured or not are returned. Only knotless landing nets recommended- no gaffs or tailers.
Catch and Release
  • All fish caught before 31st May to be returned.
After 31st. May, the following limits will apply to each individual angler:-
  • Maximum of 1 fish per week throughout the river
  • Maximum of 6 fish per season throughout the River
Sea Trout and Finnock:
  • Maximum of 2 fish per week throughout the River
  • Maximum of 12 fish per season throughout the River
  • Fish returned to the water should be handled carefully with wetted hands and held facing upstream until recovered sufficiently to swim free.
Baits and Lures
  • Barbless hooks are recommended.
  • No form of live or dead bait (including worm) to be used.
  • No spinning upstream of the Bridge of Alford.
  • No upstream spinning anywhere. No spinning in designated fly only water.
  • No ledgering or bubble/bob floats to be used.

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