The River Don Trust has a wealth of knowledge of working within the catchment specifically on fisheries related issues alongside further universal skills relating to habitats and riparian flora and fauna. The Trust's Biologist is accredited by several lead organisations including SNH, SEPA, SFCC and RAFTS.

The RDT is a non VAT registered Charity and its services are available for commercial consultations within the River Don Catchment with specialist skills ranging from juvenile fish electro fishing and adult abundance estimates through redd counts to invertebrate monitoring, mammal surveys and INNS surveillance, control and eradication.

The RDT has experience working with renewable, residential and commercial developments and has supported smaller projects within the catchment. Should you wish to contact us to discuss any of these services in more detail then please do so, all proceeds generated will be fed directly back into the Trusts projects.

List of Services Provided  
  • Electro fishing Surveys Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre (SFCC) Team Leader Accredited
  • Fish Rescue (SFCC Accredited)
  • Habitat Surveys (SFCC Accredited)
  • Salmonid Spawning/Redd Counting
  • Water Vole Surveys (SNH Accredited 3yr practical experience as NE Scotland project officer)
  • Otter Surveys (SNH Accredited)
  • Freshwater Pearl Mussel (SNH Accredited)
  • Invertebrate Monitoring (Riverfly Partnership Accredited)
  • INNS Control
    • Plants (SEPA licensed)
    • Fish I.e (Rainbow Trout escape capture and removal)
  • Obstacle Assessment (SNIFFER Method SEPA Accredited)
  • GS Disinfection Information

EF Surveys in progress