The River Don Trust is a charitable organisation established: To advance for public benefit environmental protection and improvement by conserving and enhancing the natural biodiversity associated with the freshwater environments of the River Don.

The River Don Trust is an environmental charity which was set up in 2008. Following preparation of its Fishery Management Plan in 2009 the Trust has gone from strength to strength, now working across the River Don, River Urie and the costal tributaries within the catchment.

The River Don Trust employes a biologist to deliver the Fishery Management Plan and engage regularly with anglers, local communities and organisations. The Trust is in the process of developing its second phase of the Fishery Management Plan and will be preparing this document for consultation shortly.

The River Don Trusts undertakes a scientific and practical work within the catchment, most of which is directed at but not limited to the improved management of the River Don salmonids fisheries to ensure that these resources can be used and enjoyed by both this and future generations.

Robert Dey has now taken over the Chair of the Trust and all correspondance regarding the Trust should be forwarded to him here

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