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Trout Opening Day (30th Mar)

Just a quick note from the Trust to say tight lines to the trout anglers for this season and we hope that the weather holds for those venturing out on the opening day.

A little reminder as well, the Trust would welcome scale samples from all sizes of trout caught. At present very few trout scales are passed onto the Trust and the information from the rod catch is extremely valuable so please collect some scales, help out the Trust and the management of the river whilst learning about the fish you catch.

River Don on TV, Turas a' Bhradain Tue 20th March at 8.30pm (20th. Mar)

This evening the Gaelic fishing programme Turas a' Bhradain will be showing a programme covering the NE rivers on BBC Alba. The programme was recorded last year and covered the Don and Dee amoungst other rivers.

Scale Sampling Workshop and Report update (19th. mar)

This years scale sampling project is up and running again, this is just a quick reminder to anglers participating to collect scales from Salmon, Sea and Brown trout thoughout the year. 

The report from last years samples 2011 will be uploaded shorlty and some workshop dates for new anglers wishing to learn how to collect scales will also be posted shortly. Contact Jamie at [email protected] for more detials.

Salmon in the Classroom and website update (24th. Feb)

This years Salmon in the Classroom project is up and running again, with four schools across the city and shire participating, i'll be posting some images on the site shortly and also on the Twitter account @thedontrust .

Also the River Don website is due a revamp and were currently underway with the construction of a new site. If anyone wishes to contribute some images relating to the River Don for the new site please email them to [email protected] all images will be fully credited. More on this shorlty.

FASMOP Report (19th. Feb)

Marine Scotland, in association with The River Don Trust and prepared as part of the FASMOP(Focusing Atlantic salmon management on Populations) have just published "An overview of Population Genetic Structuring in the River Don " It can be accessed here

The River Don Trust on Twitter (16th Feb)

Just to let you know that The River Don Trust has joined the world of twitter again ! Follow us  for regular updates on the Trust work and whats going on on the River Don.

The DDSFB January 2012 report

 can be read here

River Don Maps (29 Jan)

The River Don Trust would like to thank riverdonmaps , a new web site whose developers are avid Don anglers, for their commitment to donate all the profits of selling their beautiful River Don Maps to the Trust from 2012 onwards.” Their generosity is much appreciated and we would ask our visitors to visit riverdonmaps website to view the map and pictures of the River Don and read great River Don Book reviews.

Invertebrate Recording Programme (19th. Jan)

The Trust is looking for participants to take part in a potential invertebrate monitoring programme across the catchment. The programme would run throughout the year and would require volunteers to record invertebrate abundance at regular sites on a monthly basis following the provision of training and equipment from the Trust. The programme will enable the Trust to monitor the invertebrate community, engage with anglers and respond to pollution incidents identified following the monitoring.

Those interested please contact the Jamie on [email protected]

Mink initiative (6th. Jan)

The latest newsletter on the nation wide Mink initiative can be read here

DDSFB Latest report (28th. Dec.)

The latest DDSFB November report can be read here while the AGM report can be read here

Environment Minister Visits the Don Trust (25 Nov)

Mr. Stewart Stevenson MSP, Scottsh Minister for the Environment  visited the Don Trust offices today to learn of the progress being made on its fishery management plan (FMP) and RAFTS. The Minister took the opportunity to annonouce continuing funding for the rver trusts network  and  visited Cluny School to make a presentation for winning this year's salmon in the classroom project. Read the details and see some photos  here

River Don Trust Newsletter (23rd Nov)

The latest newsletter from the Trust can be read here

DDSFB Presentation ( 8th. Nov)

A presentation given by Jon Davison, Chairman of the DDSFB can be read here

DDSFB October Report (7 Th. Nov)

The October report can be read here

Trust Presentation at Board AGM (26 Oct)

A copy of a presentation given to the AGM of the DDSFB can be be read here

Latest DDSFB Report Here

Don Stocking Policy 2011

The draft 2011 Don stocking policy can be read here

The Scale Sampling Reminder (29 Sept)

Just a quick reminder to all those currently or interested in collecting scale samples from fish to keep doing so or contact the [email protected] for advice and materials.

The information gathered will enable us to learn more about the rod catch on the River Don and allow apropriate managment practices to be undertaken where required. We will also feedback the infromation on your fish directly and in a general report at the end of the winter. Please see the adjacent video for guidance or follow this link for further details.

New Scottish Mink Initiative Website (21 Sept)

Sarah Atkinson - Project Officer for the North East Area working from the Don Trust offices has just informed us of the project's new website is now up and running and will be updated on a regular basis.

Here you can find lots of information on mink and their impacts on our native wildlife, who the Scottish Mink Initiative is and what we are getting up to. Sarah is aware that some of the documents on the volunteering section of the site are not downloading and she is working to correct this as soon as possible, so keep checking! These documents will include footprint ID sheets to help you with checking your rafts.

Visit the site at http://www.scottishmink.org.uk

 New Trust websites (12 sept)

The Association of Salmon Fishery Boards (ASFB) and Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS) have today launched new, updated websites: www.asfb.org.uk and www.rafts.org.uk

August DDSFB Report (5 Aug)Latest report here

Scottish Mink Initiative (10 Aug)

 Very informative updates on this project can be read here and here

The July DDSFB (9 Aug)

The July report can be read here

River Don Trust Newsletter (1st Aug)

The latest newsletter from the Trust can be read here

2010 Scale Sampling Report (25 July)

A very formative report by Jamie Urquhart, River Don Trust Biologist can be read here

DDSFB Monthly Report (7 July)

The June edition can be read here

Scale Sampling (30 June)

Just a quick reminder for those anglers collecting scales, to keep collecting them throughout the season. The Trust is looking for brown, sea trout and salmon scales from all sizes of fish and from a variety of locations across the catchment. If you would like to assist or need more scale packets then please contact the Jamie on [email protected]

Thanks to those who have contributed so far, i'll be processing your scales shortly.

Don Habitat Reports -Latest (13 May)

A very positive DSFB report on the latest habitat improvements can be read here

Latest DDSFB Monthly report (6 May)

The latest monthly report can be read here while a report on the DDSFB and IAA brown trout in the classroom initiative can be read here

River Don Webcams

In conjunction with The River Don Trust and Board, Semil Farm Fishings and the Kintore Golf Course the River Don now has two live web cams. One is at Strathdon, at the top of the river, overlooking the Newe Dam, and the other is at Kintore, in the lower river. The Kintore one will have a gauge post in the picture very soon.

These cameras will provide anglers with interesting and valuable river height information, so in addition to seeing the height of the water you will also be able to see the clarity and the like. The cameras website will also have a regular reports section, which will be updated monthly.

You can view the two cameras here:[url]http://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/live-webcams/scotland/Don/[/url]


DDSFB Habitat report (16th.May)

The latest habitat report for the Goval burn can be read here

Nationwide Mink Project Launched (12 May)

A national wide project to eradicate mink has been launched which the River Don Trust is part of. Read more detail here

DDSFB Habitat Report (7 May)

As part of our ongoing action plan on habitat improvement please read the attached report from Jim Kerr DDSFB Superindendant regarding the Leochal Burn --Here

River Don trust Newsletter (3 May)

The Spring edition of the river Don trust Newsletter can now be read Here

River Don Trust - Recommendations for stocking 2010/11 (27th April)

The above report can be read here

Sponsor the Salmon in the Classroom Project
(27th April)

Follow this link to help support this outreach programme involving local schools and the River Don Trust here



This short clip was filmed during successful scale sampling workshop earlier this year. It illustrates a simple method for collecting scales from a fish.

Here is a 2 minute version of a 20 minute Hatchery DVD available to buy just to wet the appetite!! Use this link to purchase the full DVD , it costs £4.99 and all funds raised go towards FMP projects.

Rising in the Cairngorm National Park and flowing 82 miles East down to the sea in Aberdeen, the Don is Scotlands 6th largest river. Home to a huge verietyof species, with Salmon, Seatroutand Brown Trout sharing their habitat with Otters, Kingfishers, Eagles and Buzzards. Red and Roe deer are often seen drinking at the riverside.

The Don is known for its runs of salmon, particularly in the autumn, but it also has a spring and summer run of fish. During the calm warm summers evenings silvery seatroutmake an appearance, and indeed at this time the angler is never sure what will take their lure, with salmon, seatrout and brown trout all prolific in the river at this time. The Don is also home to eels, loaches, lampreys and pike.

The Don District Salmon Fishery Board (DDSFB) is responsible for looking after the migratory fish in the system (Salmon & Seatrout).

The River Don Brown Trout Improvement Association (RDBTIA) is responsible for our brown trout and to ensure the Brown Trout Protection order is maintained.
The River Don Trust (RDT) is responsible for all species in our system, and has responsibility for habitat, conservation, education and research

River Don Fishery Management Plan

Read our approved Fishery Management Plan --Here

Did you know you can buy an ~20 min. DVD ( narration by Jim Kerr, River Superintendant)showing all the stages of capturing brood stock, placing the eggs, releasing the salmon back into the river ? No, then why not purchase one online for a very reasonable £5.00, all receipts go to the Charitable Trust---Here

DDSFB Reports (12th. July)

I am gathering all the reports together for ease of access. The DDSFB reports can be accessed -Here

Underwater Camera Aquired (11 Aug)

The River Don Trust has just aquired a underwater camera / recorder complete with lights and 30 ft. of cable. We are currently testing the equipment but are very pleased with quality of the pictures obtained. I will post a video using the camera in due course. The equipment will be used to further the Trust;'s educational and scientific remit
The Camera was purchased thanks to the generousity of the members of the Wild Fishing Forum http://www.wildfisher.co.uk/smf/index.php who have raised the £150, the cost of the camera, over two online auctions so thanks very much to the Forum its greatly appreciated!

Don Fishing Maps (14th. July)

River Don Fishing maps are available for purchase
through the ADAA web site--Here Thanks to the ADAA for the use of the facility, much appreciated. A large part of the money raised goes straight to the Trust to continue our

previous reports

This video is a BBC news item on the mink project part of the Trust's biosecurity plan

Following on a successful scale sampling Demonstration this short video was made on how its done starring Jamie

River Don Trust Bio Security Plan Finalised (17 Mar)

The Trust are very pleased to announce the completion of the preparation of our biosecurity plan. A number of elements are already underway with further announcements to follow soon. The Plan can be read here

Trust Spring Newsletter (16 Mar)

The Spring Trust newsletter can be read here

Catch and Release (6 Mar)

The Association of Salmon Fishery Board and others have produced some simple and clear guidance for anglers who intend to release fish. This has been prompted by evidence of some poor handling techniques, ie images of fish on the web, in magazines and of course witnessed on the riverbank. You can read it or down

scale sampling

The River Don Trust would also like to remind anglers who wish to take part in this years Scale Sampling programme, a workshop event will be held shorlty please get in touch with Jamie on [email protected] for more details, see link to last years programme. Results of last years programme will be available shortly to all. The River Don Trust would like to thank all those participating in last years programme.

The River Don Trust would also like to raise awareness of the potential to catch a 'Floy Tagged' fish. The Trust and Board carried out some work whilst at the hatchery last autumn where they Floy Tagged salmon, sea trout and brown trout. We would be very pleased if anglers catching these fish could RETURN them and also collect some information from them as well, please read the document for more details.

Angling Equipment Disinfection Service document (7th Feb)

The River Don Trust would like to raise awarenss of the potential negative impacts that a biological hazard such as the Gyrodactylus salaris parasite may have on the catchment, see Biosecurity Plan for more details.

The Trust would also like to inform all anglers (visitors and residents) and other river users that the Trust will be providing a equipment disinfection service this year for a small donation to the Trust and have produced a Disinfection Note including information on other venues offering this service.

River Don Maps (3 Feb)

The River Don Trust would like to thank riverdonmaps , a new web site whose developers are avid Don anglers, for their commitment to donate all the profits of selling their beautiful River Don Maps to the Trust from 2012 onwards.” Their generosity is much appreciated and we would ask our visitors to visit riverdonmaps website to view the map and pictures of the River Don and read great River D

DDSFB 2011 stocking report

The above report can be read here

Friends of the Don (19th. Jan)

The Trust have recently agreed that in future there will be need to contribute to becoming a "Friend of the Don" and receive the regular updates provided directly by email. So if you wish to be on the circulation list simply drop and email to me here with the subject Friends. [email protected]

WildFishers Donation (15th.)

Wildfisher fly lines has made a donation of £50 to the River Don Trust through its web site following the sale of its fly lines online. The site owner, Fred Carrie, is doing his bit to help his local river, the Don and also the environment by offering his lines with minimal packaging, to keep down costs and wastage. Details of Fred’s latest auction to support us can be found at this link

The Trust are very grateful to the Wildfishers and ask our visitors to visit their website Here.on Book reviewsload it here

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