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Protection Order River Don and River Urie 1990

The Protection Order was applied for and granted in 1990 to address the serious issue of uncontrolled fishing with live baits that was, at that time common place on the Don, the aims of the order as cited in the original application were to:

  • introduce a measure of necessary control on fishing pressure and methods
  • open up additional, controlled access to the river and thereby
  • provide the essential source of funding, through the proposed Brown Trout Improvement Association, for a planned restocking program and, equally importantly, to enable a proper scientific study to be undertaken to establish the hidden causes of the recent decline.
In practice, what this means is that it is a criminal offence to fish on any part of the Don (or Urie) covered by the PO without written permission, those choosing to do so may be prosecuted. 

Protection Order Map of Scotland