Inverurie Academy 2009 "Trout in the class room"


Inverurie Angling Association runs “Trout in the Class room” at Inverurie Academy.



   Getting Instructions
This year Inverurie Academy Biology Department is participating in “Trout In The Classroom Hatchery”.

This will allow children to observe how the trout from the river Don hatch and develop.  
 In discussion with Jim Kerr  


River Don trout eggs have been provided from the River Don Salmon Fishery Board hatchery at Strathdon by river superintendent Mr Jim Kerr. 

This initiative follows the launch of the BIG TROUT BOOK during 2008 and to help increase awareness of our local environment.

   Putting trout eggs in the tanks

The river Don is an integral part of the ecosystem of the Inverurie area, it is a healthy river full of trout and salmon.  The early stages of the trout life cycle are a mystery as it occurs at the bottom of the river, where the eggs are buried under gravel & rocks.  As such we never get a chance to see what goes on below the rivers surface, especially how the young trout hatch and grow.

 Trout Eggs in the scoop  


After hatching, the young fish will continue to grow and start feeding before the children can release them back to the river. The tank has a cooler system that maintains optimum temperature for developing trout reflecting the natural temperature of the river.  By May, when the fish have developed into “fingerlings” the S2 class that will be responsible for the fish will release them back into the river to continue their natural life.


   You can just see the eggs on the bottom


The tank is in the Biology Department and pupils themselves will be responsible for feeding the growing fish and monitoring the water quality.  This links well into the curriculum for many different subjects.



 This is an eco-initiative taking nature into the classroom and has been shown to be excellent in generating interest in ecology and fish in local rivers.

For further details of contact Dr Sam Martin, (Fish Biologist, University of Aberdeen & IAA Secretary) at [email protected].






 Dr. Sam Martin of Aberdeen Univerity and Sec. of the Inverurie Angling Association explains the Trout life cycle to class S2



The River Don Trust are indepted to Inverurie Angling Association, Jim Kerr, Don River Superintendent, Dr. Sam Martin of Aberdeen University , Class Teacher, Janet Duncan and, of course, class S2 for taking the project on.

To read Dr. Martin's presentation to the class click --Here

 the special tank and cooler required