The River Don Hatchery

The Fishery board’s hatchery at the Mill of Newe is now holding its full quota for another year, the last of the Salmon eggs were laid down in the incubating troughs on the 20th of November.

The hatchery is holding; 422,500 Salmon eggs, 21,000 Sea trout and 54,000 Brown trout eggs.
The amount of sea trout eggs is lower than previous years, due to the low numbers of sea trout returning to the river

 To protect the sea trout stock returning to the river system, the Fishery board has decided on a total catch and release of all sea trout for the foreseeable future until stocks improve 

I attended an Aberdeenshire Council meeting this month; it has the fishing rights for Alford, Inverurie, and Kintore. It was agreed that this new rule will be incorporated into their rules for the 2009 season.

I am sure others will follow this good example set by Aberdeenshire Council to allow us to protect this valuable stock of fish

Genetic sampling of the hatchery adult stock was undertaken by the bailiffs at the hatchery, and scale samples were taken of the fish to determine if they were grilse or salmon, and if any had previously spawned in the river. Spring fish are usually through the part of the system where we collect the adult stock by late July, so there should be none present in the hatchery stock, but the scale samples will confirm this.

There were lots of visitors to the hatchery during November; here are a   few of the Groups who visited; Keig primary School, Strathdon primary School,, Tullynessle primary School, Tough primary school, Kemnay secondary school and the Aberdeen and District Angling Association.
Donations from the Association visitors came to £193.00, which will go towards the hatchery fund. The Fishery Board and the bailiffs would like to thank everyone who visited on that Sunday, it was a good day and I hope all the groups who visited the hatchery during November had a good time with us.

All the schools who visited the hatchery had completed their salmon in the classroom Projects, except Kemnay school who did Brown trout in the classroom.  The schools had all received their awards apart from Keig primary school, who received their certificate of achievement award then they were at the hatchery this month

Jim Kerr

River Superindendent

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