Don District Salmon Fishery Board Members


Alistair Wallace (Chairman)

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George Alpine (Clerk to the Board)

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Thomas Tait OBE


Richard Fyffe

John Sutherland


Alec Paterson



David Smart



Bob Dey


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The Honourable Frances Russell

The Board Staff

River Superintendant

Jim Kerr

The first time Jim was introduced to the river was at the age of 12, when he would go electro fishing with his father and the bailiffs during the summer holidays. At the age of 17 Jim took up employment with the Don Fishery board as a Bailiff and worked his way up the ladder from bailiff to foreman bailiff to deputy superintendent and finally to superintendent in 2003, when the late Jim Kerr Snr retired as superintendent. Jim has been with the board for 29 years and has gained a lot of experience in all aspects of river and coastal policing, hatchery management and husbandry.

Jim has attended many courses over the years which include, chainsaw, Electro fishing, Conflict Training, Habitat, and FRS courses including Fish Disease Identification.

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Deputy Superintendant and Health & Safety Officer

Martin Webster

Martin started his career in fisheries on the Island of Lewis where he spent a year as bailiff on the Grimersta beat before coming to the Don. Martin has been with the DDSFB for 17 years and acts as Deputy Superintendent. Martin has gained many skills along the way including all aspects of river policing, SFCC standard electro fishing, chainsaw course, first aid, conflict training, and Identifying fish disease course at FRS. Martin has also undertaken the Institute of Fishery Management Course and all aspects of running a hatchery, restocking and field work.


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Senior Bailiff

Stephen Murphy


Stephen has been with the DDSFB for 12 years and is senior bailiff. Stephen has acquired many skills in his years of employment to include, SFCC electro fishing, IFM institute of fishery management, Conflict training at Dunkeld, First aid, and Identifying Fish disease at FRS Marine laboratory, and has full hatchery experience and field work.

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