There’s nothing like spending a warm Saturday night watching the sunset from your own backyard. Sip on some sangria, hear the crickets begin to stir and enjoy the company you’re with. We absolutely love the pictures of the backyard patios you’ve sent in, so we decided to create the quintessential list of backyard-patio must-haves!

  1. Comfortable seating. This can be a couple gorgeous lounge chairs or a full section of couches and chairs. Just make sure they’re weather-proof and designed to be outside! We love all the bright colors of cushions coming out this summer.
  2. Lanterns and lighting. When the sun goes down, you still want some light, so you can see your guests. Hanging patio lanterns have the best summertime charm and create a cozy atmosphere. You could also use tiki torch lights or string lights!
  3. We love backyard fire pits for roasting corn, marshmallows, and for keeping us warm! But they’re not legal in every city, so check with your local laws.
  4. Carpets and Walkways. For the seating area, throwing a gorgeous outdoor carpet underneath makes the whole scene way trendier. If your patio is at the back of the yard, why not create a stepping stone path? Obviously, no one’s going to get lost trying to find the patio, but it adds character!
  5. Not all of us are lucky enough to live somewhere with tropical plants in the backyard. Make the most of your outdoor space by adding plants, potted or planted. If you have space for a garden that can be nice. But around your seating area, consider having some potted trees and large plants to enhance the outdoor vibe. You could also consider an inflatable hot tub.
  6. You don’t necessarily have to have plates and cutlery on your patio table, but when you serve your guests a gorgeous nightcap under the stars, why not have coordinating glasses? Pick out colors in your cushions and in the natural fauna of your yard and incorporate those in the colors of the dishware you serve on.

Outdoor patios provide an easy and accessible way to spend time outdoors, while inside your comfort zone. Whether you host a dinner party on yours, or simply do your yoga practice on it each morning, having a well-designed patio space is crucial. We want to see if you use any of these ideas on your patio! Send us a picture of your backyard patio and it may get featured in an upcoming blog post.